Custom Shop Jerseys


Pre-order a custom shop Sam’s Bicycles Jersey. Represent Sam’s Bicycles with a top quality jersey designed by me. Made by the well known Kalas clothing company who supplies to world tour and national teams. Prices are the cost price of the jerseys, we don’t make any money on the jerseys. Size chart at the bottom of the page. If you know me I wear a size 3, which is usually a medium. I have a size 3 to try on to get a base line.

You will only be able to buy a jersey during the pre-order period. Once this ends the order will be placed and the jerseys will be made. Lead time for this varies but as an estimate around 4 weeks. I will keep customers updated through the process.

Size guide at the bottom of the page.

Paypal is available below. Other options are available, please get in contact.

These are the main four jerseys that I have picked out of the range from Kalas. There are lots of other options, gilets, fleece jerseys, skin suits, bib shorts, rain jackets, no-rain jerseys. If you want anything get in touch.

Club Jersey

This is the club fit jersey. More baggy than the other jerseys. No thrills just a solid jersey.

Spinn Jersey

This is my go to jersey. This is the one you will see me wearing most of the time. By no means a club fit jersey. Form fitting, top quality and a great price.

Stripes Jerseys

This is the same fit as the Spinn jersey but with striped shoulders to improve aerodynamics. I have no evidence to support this claim but it certainly looks good.

Razor Jersey

This is a tight fit pro razor jersey. Cut in a tight fit to reduce air drag when in the tuck riding position. This one is for performance.

Pro Long Sleeved Jersey

Long sleeved form fitting jerseys for the cold spring mornings. Not a deep winter jerseys, one for mild winter/cold spring.