Stocked Hubs.

Bitex RAF12/RAR12 – F-£33 R-£82

These hubs are solid well built light hubs. The do it all. Sealed bearings easily replaceable. Stocked in plain black with my logo stuck on, but other colours are available, get in touch.

Front: 20/24/28/32h – Weight: g

Rear: 24/28/32h – Weight: g

Miche Racing Box Hubs – £75.99 pair

A little bit weighty compared to the lightweight hubs out there. But these make up for it in strength and build quality. These are a really solid hub which will endure years of rough riding. Here is what Miche say:

‘Attractive, Italian quality and down to earth prices. Made in Italy with a forged aluminium body, free hub in ERGAL 7075 and sealed bearings.’